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Discover Wahoo’s Ground-Breaking New Indoor Smart Bike: KICKR BIKE KICKR BIKE redefines the indoor exercise bike as you know it with its realistic ride experience and pro-cyclist levels of customization. The KICKR BIKE adds to Wahoo KICKR’s legendary realistic resistance with an enhanced motor that provides realistic coasting, built-in grade simulation, realistic shifting and braking ride feel. With 3 ways to change the BIKE fit, virtual shifting options, and aero-bar handle options, the KICKR BIKE is as adjustable as your road or time trial bike.


  • Smooth and Realistic Resistance – the KICKR BIKE adapts the real-world physics characteristics of the KICKR BIKE trainer. Its heavy flywheel and high torque brake paired with a robust physics model to simulate the feeling of riding outdoors on the road.
  • Built-in Grade Simulation – The KICKR BIKE can tilt up and down by itself from +20 degrees to -15 degrees, actually elevating you and adjusting resistance at the same time to make it feel like you’re really climbing or descending. Unlike other systems that simply add resistance to simulate a hill, KICKR BIKE will engage the muscles used for climbing or descending, better preparing you for hill climbing in the real world.
  • Realistic Coasting – A built-in motor will gradually slow you down as you coast downhill on a simulated course, creating a more realistic experience. No more going 40 mph downhill in absurd, frictionless conditions.
  • Realistic Shifting – The combination of flywheel and motor give you sensory feelings of shifting with a split second of zero resistance that simulates a chain transfer. This allows you to experience the shifting sensation while pedalling, confirming the shift has occurred.
  • Front and Rear Brakes – Front brakes are programmed to provide more responsive braking power just like a real road bike. Rear brakes act as they would on your outdoor bike. Don’t worry though, no locking up the brakes and going head over heels. 
  • Extreme Resistance – As tough as sprinting up a mountain, the KICKR BIKE generates up to 2200 watts of resistance at extreme accuracy of +/- 1%! 

KICKR BIKE: Customization

True Fit – KICKR BIKE comes with a five-point adjustment system that requires no tools to adjust. You can use your app to take a picture of your bike and it will tell you which settings to use for each component. You can also import your specifications from a professional bike fit by Guru, Trek, or RETÜL. There are quick releases on all adjustment points, making it easy and fast to switch your fit.

Perfect Pedals – Made with a custom crankshaft with five options for pedal length, the KICKR BIKE allows you to put your pedals in the exact right place for you. No special adapters are required and it’s easy to unscrew them and change their position. Not to mention, you can use your choice of pedals.

Handlebar Options  – The KICKR BIKE comes with the option to install an aerobar/time- trial style handlebars or you can customize your KICKR BIKE with any standard sized handlebars.

Reality Shift  – With two shifting buttons on each brake level and thumb buttons, you can simulate several different shifting options including both electronic and mechanical Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo systems.  You can use the Wahoo Fitness app to customize the cassette and crank.” 

Connect Fast and Easy– Bluetooth, ANT+, and ANT+ FE-C compatibility allows you connect your phone, computer or smart TV, enabling you to use Zwift, Fulgaz, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, or any other training program.\

Extra Programmable Buttons –  Auxiliary thumb buttons on top of the shifter hoods can be used to manually raise and lower the bike, and will support future functionality from third party apps like Zwift and The Sufferfest.


The KICKR BIKE’s sturdy steel and aluminium frame is made to withstand years of heavy use. Its finely tuned resistance system provides near silent operation while pedalling. Built with ease of use in mind, it never requires a calibration procedure. Just climb on a KICKR BIKE and you’ll discover the highest quality, most realistic indoor cycling experience.

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