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ELEMNT ROAM: Built For The Ride

Get ready for adventure!

Wahoo’s new ELEMNT ROAM bike computer is built for long rides full of unexpected detours and discovery. Its new vibrant color display and smart navigation make it easy to explore new paths. Your bike computer should not get in the way of your ride. Whether your ride is a welcome escape from a stressful workday, a short workout that leaves you feeling accomplished and exhausted or a multi-day trip that leads you to places unknown resulting in memories and stories to last a lifetime the ELEMNT ROAM is Built For the Ride.

On Device Smart Navigation  – ELEMNT ROAM’s smart navigation will guide you to the start of a selected route. Take a wrong turn and ELEMNT ROAM’s smart navigation will reroute you to your destination with highly visible directions. Choose any spot on the map, and it will find the shortest and most bike-friendly way to get there. All of this on device meaning that you can focus on the ride and nothing else, well maybe your screaming legs.

Easy-To-Read Color Display – It’s easier than ever before to see upcoming turns at a glance. The ROAM’s super sharp 240×400 pixel, the 2.7-inch display makes each road and trail stand out clearly. Color-highlighted chevrons indicate the way to go when using a route. Landscape features like water and busy roads are highlighted clearly to ensure that you have all the information to explore freely  Cadence and power zone data stand out in bright colors with each color aligning with your zone of intensity. That way when you are seeing red from your workout you will actually be seeing red.

The ELEMNT companion app empowers you to change the ROAM’s settings quickly with your cell phone. You can also set up your ROAM to receive text, call and email notifications or disable them with do-not-disturb setting if you want to relax and enjoy your ride.

Support for Off-Road Maps – ELEMNT ROAM gives you more to explore. Beyond the conventional roads-only maps, its built-in maps include dirt and gravel trails. ROAM can also sync off-road trails from MTB Project and Singletracks using the newly updated ELEMNT companion app, giving you even more to explore. Let’s just say that there is nowhere you can’t explore, well your bike computer will not be the limitation.

Leading Integration – The ROAM excels at working with third-party apps to enhance your ride, including Strava Live Segments, Komoot, and TrainingPeaks. Set them up and you can automatically download new trails and upload your workout data. The list of supported apps in always growing!

LED Indicators – Two rows of bright LED flash on your ROAM indicating when it’s time for you to turn and which direction to go in. They also can be used to indicate your cadence and power zones, giving you an easy way to track your workout without taking your eyes off the road.

Find My Friends – You can enable live-tracking to make yourself visible to fellow riders and people at home who want to keep watch your location for safety reasons. If you’re riding a trail with friends, you can see how far they are ahead or behind you they also have a Wahoo ELEMNT.

 Perfect Zoom functionality – Orient yourself quickly on the map with always-available zoom buttons. When displaying data fields instead of the map, the zoom buttons are a fast way to control the exact number of fields displayed.

Long-lasting Battery – ELEMNT ROAM lasts longer on the trail with a bigger battery and improved firmware that provides up to 17 hours of battery life. The new ambient light detection feature will turn on the backlight if it’s getting dark, making sure you don’t miss a turn. When it gets brighter out, the backlight will automatically turn off to save the battery.

Built for Explorers

“We really wanted to have this computer that had the battery life, had the screen clarity, had new smart navigation features, so people who are into gravel or exploring can have everything they need in one computer,” declares Megan Powers.

Origin of the Color Display

Director of Project Management, Jose Mendez notes the process was about “how to make the navigation better, how to make the visual experience better. We had considered colored screens before, but we hadn’t found the technology was at a point where Wahoo felt comfortable putting it on one of our computers.”

“With ROAM we’ve finally found the color screen that meets our standards,” says Wahoo CEO Chip Hawkins.

“It adds a lot to the product. We use it to highlight things. [It gives] a level of readability that we didn’t even achieve with the ELEMNT which is really groundbreaking.”

Smart Navigation

Many Wahoo fans let us know where they wanted improvements. Wahoo’s Cycling Product Manager Megan Powers notes, “Over the past few years we’ve gotten feedback on the navigation.” ROAM responds to these needs with an improved system of navigation that requires no input from a cell phone to change destinations. Chip Hawkins says Wahoo has added technology to the ROAM so, “the routing dynamics happen on the computer in real time.”

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