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5 Reasons You Will Love the New KICKR

Cyclists don’t just ride for the fun of it. They do it for the sweat, the burn and even the pain because ultimately these things lead to great results. In the past, indoor training has sucked for those cyclists that are used to training outdoors. Understanding that struggle, we decided to do something about it. Enter: KICKR 16, Wahoo’s new smart trainer, created for cycling masochists who crave a good ass kicking (because they know it will help them become a machine).

Here are just some of the reasons KICKR 16 rocks.

It’s Responsive

While you might not be racing up an actual mountain, the feel is real. You don’t feel like you are on an indoor trainer; you feel like you are pushing yourself to your limits outside. KICKR 16 helps recreate the same experience you feel on your favorite outdoor rides. All that’s missing is the wind in your face. (But you can always use a fan for that.)

It’s Connected

KICKR 16 connects to all your devices and most of your favorite apps. It’s the only smart trainer keeping pace with leading apps and device developers like ZWIFT and Apple. No other trainer has as many 3rd party software integrations. Also, the new LED status lights make connecting your devices much easier.

It’s Quiet

Whether you live in a large home or a tiny loft, quietness is an invaluable quality in a smart trainer. At only 61 dB, KICKR 16 is so quiet you can hear your heart pounding. Your spouse, children, and neighbors will thank you later.

It’s Powerful

KICKR 16 is more powerful than ever before, meaning it will kick your ass and you will love it. With up to 2,000 watts of resistance and the superior stability of the KICKR construction, you can be guaranteed to get the most out of indoor training. The only limitation is yourself. Good luck walking tomorrow, friend.

It’s Team Sky Approved 

Team Sky has been using the KICKR for the past three years. At the 2016 Tour de France, Chris Froome used the new KICKR in his warm-up before winning the stage 18 mountain time-trial. If the best in the world approves, you should too.

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